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Warranty General Terms metallurgical Yarab Mashhad:

  • Warranty metallurgical Yarab Mashhad If used valves and related equipment correctly, under normal circumstances and the everyday use, for a period of three years from the date of delivery if installed, used and maintained in accordance with the instructions in the installation, maintenance, and operation of enterprise metallurgical Yarab Mashhad will be established.
  • The warranty in unusual circumstances of any accident caused by external factors such as earthquakes, riots, injuries in collisions between vehicles or using excessive torque or freezing for valves and related equipment are not reliable.
  • Any complaint about a faulty product or parts covered by this warranty is in sight and its discovery must be notified in writing melting Yarab Mashhad has to be examined.
  • If the guarantee is applicable to the use of milk and equipment related to the match.
  • Obligations on the terms of the warranty for the repair and replacement.
  • This warranty does not cover the following:
  • If the melting Yarab According to technical experts Mashhad problems or damage caused by the purchaser.
  • In conditions where the pressure test over the allowable working pressure and inconsistent with the approved criteria (such as tapping, incorrect installation, improper use voltage other than the specified voltage, inappropriate user) are specified. This results, drop the warranty conditions.
  • Damage the company's discretion as a result of negligence, accident, improper storage or manipulation by unauthorized persons will not be subject to this guarantee.