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بازرگانی خارجی

Foreign Trade

Foreign business unit smelting company Yarab Mashhad, composed of international procurement, customs clearance and export of the international communications firm Business policies and procedures within the framework of international tenders and contracts necessary is responsible.

The department has established at factory No. 1, is ready to do any business negotiations.

Duties description

  • Manage abroad purchases and research foreign systems procurement
  • Manage export abroad and international marketing
  • Transportation Management in International Business
  • Perform registration of foreign purchase orders and pursuing and obtaining licenses from the relevant organizations and institutions
  • Conduct all affairs related to the opening of letters of credit in the bank
  • Track and coordinate matters related to foreign agents for Order
  • Coordination with international transportation companies (air, ground, maritime) to carry the goods purchased
  • Track and carry out all customs procedures and clearance of goods purchased from customs
  • Evaluation and control necessary to identify the product type, number and other technical specifications of products at loading of customs for compliance with the specifications contained in the order forms
  • Participation in International Exhibitions
  • Inspection in foreign trade
  • Management of foreign exchange payment system and issuing letters of credit
  • Customs management of imported and exported goods and services