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Mr. Karim Hossain Zadeh, the founder of metal melting Yarab Mashhad industrial group, started his activity from the 1342 in a 500-meter workshop.

Workshop activities beginning with the design and manufacture of industrial parts models (mold foundry industry) and a variety of sensitive components required by the automotive industry and other industries.

Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, it was taken from the show that the production of industrial valves for water supply update country, like many other commodities, dependent on the non-Iranian manufacturers and imported from abroad. Later during the imposed war and impose sanctions against the West, with the country's policy of reducing the dependence of orientation and the necessity of the expansion of the water network, founder of the industrial group also in the year 1352 decided with return to Mashhad and the establishment of the unit the rotary furnace fuel with casting for the production of cast iron parts with the model made and due to experiences in conjunction with modeling, casting and machining of parts and equipment, increase target Your long-term investment in the manufacturer of industrial valves needed water and wastewater industry setting and enter the realm of this important industry.

Since, by law, all of the trade from the workshop to the factory turn, must be outside of the big cities to work, from 1361 to transfer the workshop to the Road Tour and its development by increasing the furnace casting and machinery processing increased its activity and founded the factory.

After the enormous efforts and get the necessary permissions in the year 1363 finally managed to register the factory with standard metal melting and company name also increasing capital and factory machines and the extent of the company's activity is also increasing and widening.

In 1372 to increase production capacity and capacity and increasing the size of the plant more than 30,000 square meters, exploitation license to annually more than 950 tons and a variety of valves up to size 200-inch reach, with companies in the exhibition industry Tehran Water and Wastewater try increase knowledge and offer their products and services to this category and its related industries.

In 1380, CEO in the next step, given the ever increasing importance of efficient use of water and reduce sources of surface and subsurface of the great blessing given by God to support it and also interferes with the name of the registered company name National Standards Institute and Iran on the basis of letter No. 4277/322 dated 02.10.1380 issued by the registrar of companies and non-commercial organizations, chose the name Yarab to produce the use of the prefix partners (i.e. mobile and supporter) water industry in Latin pronunciations unconscious GMT is also known that as a sign of the favor of God is sugar water. By changing the company name to melting Yarab Mashhad portfolio management firm intention now to cooperate with the water and wastewater industry and agriculture, and also make contact with well-known companies making industrial valves world and experience and their technology, making Gates the high quality and of international standard and the annual increase to more than 3,000 tons a year scored.

This company with enormous effort and improve the quality of their products, and laboratory and instrument in the year 1384 received the first license to a standard license to produce the mark application national industrial valves at that time was offered as an incentive.

In the year 1386 with the changes in the quality management system and ISO certification succeed efficiency was 9001; and in the year 1391 according to the quality level of the products and the history of your activities on top of the water industry and having a national standard, a license to get a permit to supply its products in modern irrigation systems, Ministry of Agriculture.

Metal melting industry Yarab Mashhad benefiting more than 50 years of experience in production of cast iron fittings and valves to the size of 400 mm and 25 ATM pressure and casting of steel and cast iron parts and supply, sales and services in Iran sales and export to neighboring countries, with an annual production capacity of over 120000 is the number of types of products are activities and during this period food and chemical industries in different sectors, oil and gas, petrochemical and related industries, utilities And power, water and sewage projects in rural and urban water supply, agricultural irrigation projects under the pressure, and. .. With the supply of its products, has always been proud of that win customers and hopes that this is the way to continue and updates increase daily.

Casting all products produced by the furnaces electrical method induction, as well as coating all valves production of electrostatic powder furnace nationwide that by burning color multi-stage automatic with preheater done, and all materials used are of the best raw material is available.

Quality control department of the company with the operation of laboratory equipment and having all the equipment requirements of product standards, inspection team at the plant, its products according to international standards DIN, ANSI and ISO control, testing, and provide them with the serial number carved on the product for 3 years replacement warranty and after-sales service provides for 15 year.